• Oli

    Sales & Operations Director

    Long boi

  • Sam

    Managing Director

    Dad joke connoisseur

  • Georgina

    Operations Manager

    No amount of sleep is enough

  • Harry

    Head Brewer

    Good cook

  • Ryan

    Brewery Shift Lead

    Can hold a tune

  • Catherine

    Business Development Manager

    Barley wine is the only wine

  • Mark

    Production Brewer

    Lives "off the grid"

  • Pete

    Packaging Lead

    Hire me for magic

  • Alex

    Brewery Shift Lead

    I'm married

  • Dan

    Production Brewer

    Love oasis

  • Dylan

    Trainee Brewer

    Beer is good

  • Louise

    Finance Manager

    I'm from London

  • Jo

    Marketing Executive

    My husbands in a band

  • Chris

    Logistics & Maintenance


  • Will

    Logistics & Warehousing

    I love vinyls

  • Tom

    Taproom Manager

    As seen on TV

  • Gem

    Taproom Assistant Manager

    Being cold is a myth

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  • Ted

    Bork Director

    Spawn of Satan

  • Frank

    Manipulation Manager

  • Pepper

    Chief Boardroom Officer

  • Sidney

    Bounce Assistant

  • Gigi (The Duchess)

    Sass Executive

  • Atticus

    International Communication


  • Flo

    Excitement Coordinator

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