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Our Story

Born from our desire to see locally brewed beer become more readily available to the people of Birmingham, we started Attic to help Brum to better establish itself as a city of great beer.

Since opening in 2018, Attic beer has become a regular sight on taps across the city with our flagship beer, Intuition, becoming one of the most popular beers in the region. 

We're best known for our hop-forward pale ales and New England-style IPAs, but we're passionate about brewing a wide range of styles to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy our beer. We're increasingly interested in lager production and have always had a soft spot for classic Belgian styles.

Key to everything we brew though, is balance and drinkability. The thing that we all love about beer is its ability to bring people together, so we make sure every beer makes you want to reach for another pint. 

Our production has grown by more than ten times since opening, but serving beer directly to our regulars in our award-winning taproom is still the heart and soul of our business. Sitting between the communities of Stirchley and Bournville, it's a place for locals to get together and a destination for beer drinkers of all backgrounds. Our cans and kegs can be found throughout the country though, meaning everyone has a chance for a taste of our vibrant, forward-thinking city. 

Forward Thinking Beer.

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