Our Core Beers

Attic Brew Co. was born from a desire to see the repretation of Birmingham-brewed beer grow to match the stature of the second city. Since opening in 2018, we have been proud to play a part in the huge growth of our thriving beer scene here, with our forward thinking beer fast becoming Birmingham’s best-loved craft brand. We’re here to show off some of the magic that makes Brum such a great city. Our forward thinking beer is brewed for forward thinking drinkers. Designed to be approachable and easy drinking whilst still packing huge flavour, our multiple award-winning range provides something for everyone.

  • INTUITION - PALE - 4.4%


    Pineapple and mango combine with peach and grapefruit for the ideal session beer. Full bodied whilst remaining light and refreshing and, most importantly, it still packs a punch.

  • SIGNALS - IPA - 5.6%


    Arriving at our destination. A juicy IPA with a berry-filled aroma, backed up with flavours of grapefruit, apricot & pineapple, finishing with a reasuring resinous bitterness. Follow the signals & make tracks for Birmingham.

  • FORWARD - LAGER - 4.2%


    Inspired by the city of 1000 trades, this is a lager to represent the many paths Birmingham has taken. Drawing from differing German and Czech traditional approaches to lager brewing, Forward is light, refreshing and crisp, with a subtle but complex flavour.

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