Working Together: Why Brewery Collaborations Are a Big Deal

Working Together: Why Brewery Collaborations Are a Big Deal

In the world of craft beer, collaborations are more than just a trend; they are a celebration of creativity, community and shared passion. When breweries come together to brew, the results are often innovative, exciting and, most importantly, delicious.

Breweries, often from different regions, join forces to create something unique. These collaborations break down competitive barriers and allow brewers to exchange ideas, techniques, and traditions, leading to beers that showcase the best of both worlds.

A serendipitous collaboration

In April this year, we created a unique collaboration when we joined forces with two other breweries also called Attic, thanks to a series of amusing social media mix-ups. Embracing the serendipity, we decided to create something truly special together. Attic Brewing Co. from Philadelphia, USA, and Attik Brewing Co. from Malaga, Spain, travelled to our brewery in Birmingham, England, to brew an exciting 5.2% hazy IPA called Trifecta.

What makes trifecta special?

Trifecta is more than just a beer; it's a celebration of international friendship. Here are some points that make Trifecta a must-try:

Flavour Profile: Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of tropical fruit aromas and flavours, perfectly balanced with a smooth, silky mouthfeel. The hop blend includes varieties that impart notes of apricot, passionfruit, and citrus, making each sip a delightful journey.

Hazy and Unfiltered: True to its style, Trifecta is hazy and unfiltered, retaining all the rich flavours and aromas often lost in the filtration process. The result is a beer that's bright in colour and simply delicious.

Global Expertise: This brew is a melting pot of brewing techniques and influences from all three breweries. Each brought its own twist to the recipe, creating a harmonious blend of styles that showcases the best of our collective knowledge and experience.


A little more about the other breweries

The creation of Trifecta was a labour of love, with each brewery contributing to the process. We shared recipes and techniques, holding virtual meetings and exchanging ideas across time zones until we finally met in person. The result is a beer that showcases the best of all of our capabilities.  


Attic Brewing Co

Attic Brewing Company opened in January 2020 in the Germantown neighbourhood of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Owned by Laura and Todd Lacy, the brewery has one of the most unique and diverse taprooms in Philly which was voted Philadelphia’s Favourite Taproom in 2022. Attic’s Head Brewer, Bogdan Lisachenko, brews a variety of classic beer styles and helped win the brewery four prestigious Great American Beer Festival medals. With a mission of shared prosperity, Attic’s Give Back Beer program has raised over $45,000 for local organisations. The brewery partners with dozens of local artists, musicians, community organisations and small businesses.

Attik Brewing Co

Attik started with Jaime and Umeed, two childhood friends from primary school, brewing beers in an attic as a hobby over 8 years ago in Malaga, Spain. A passion for brewing and a motivation to give Andalusia high quality craft beer, was the reason behind the start of this commercial project.

Since 2018, the growth and evolution has been incredible and substantial. With more than 100 beers brewed in varying styles, the focus still remains on producing hop forward beers and Imperial Stouts. After many years of dedication, the brewery has received recognition in the form of awards. Voted as the best brewery in 2022 by the “Mediterranean Cup” as well as for an array of beers by the Barcelona Beer Challenge in several editions.

In recent years, the project has gained a new dimension, with the development of fascinating projects such as brewing wild ales, barrel ageing and developing beers that require plenty of dedication.

After all these years, the project at its core is still run by its founders who to this day carry the same mission since the beginning, to offer the best possible product locally, nationally, and open craft beer to everyone.

Join the celebration

We hosted the launch on 6th June in our Birmingham taproom where we got together with some of the other breweries to offer a first taste of the beer along with some fun tasting sessions. We then headed down to London to launch the beer at The Shirker’s Rest in New Cross and Mother Kelly’s in Stratford, to coincide with the London World Series baseball games at London Stadium, also in Stratford. The event conveniently fell just in time for fans to enjoy the Philadelphia Phillies taking on the New York Mets!  Trifecta will be available at our taprooms and at venues across England, the USA, and Spain. 

Final Thoughts

Brewery collaborations are a win-win for everyone involved - from the brewers who get to innovate and learn, to the beer lovers who get to enjoy new and exciting flavours. These collabs embody the spirit of the craft beer industry: passionate, creative, and community-focused. So, the next time you see a collaboration beer on the shelf or tap list, be sure to give it a try. Cheers!


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