Brewers Notes:  Signals

Brewers Notes: Signals

What’s the idea behind the beer?

Over the last year we have continuously tweaked the recipe for Intuition and Attic Helles to improve their quality and deliver the best possible beer we can create. In keeping with this ethos we wanted to create another core beer that we could keep working on to create something really special. We had a great base with a beer we created back in march; ‘This Train’. After some major tweaks including changing the yeast we are convinced this beer will be another winner.

Why this style?

An IPA. Just an IPA? Yeah just an IPA. Not a West Coast IPA, not a New England IPA, just an IPA. It’s a topic that can be argued all day. But here we’ve drawn inspiration from numerous IPA styles and landed somewhere in the middle of the venn diagram. We have some bitterness but not an overwhelming amount, we have fruit forward hop character but the mouthfeel is not too thick and the residual sweetness is limited. It’s all with the goal of making this a drink that is well balanced and one that you will be dying to take another sip of.

How does it taste?

On the nose there is an earthy resinous aroma followed by notes of orange, grapefruit and black pepper. The first sip delivers a piney bitterness with a black tea character but on returning sips this evolved into flavours of pink grapefruit and apricot. The finish is long with a clean but not overpowering bitterness throughout.



(Head Brewer)


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