Attic Barrel Store

About us

We’re a couple of mates who set out with a vision to bring forward thinking beer to the people of Birmingham and beyond. We saw an opportunity to join a growing community with a fierce love for independent businesses in Stirchley, and started Attic Brew Co. to provide the option of better beer than the mass produced offerings you can get everywhere.

Scraping money from some savings and a couple of loans, we cobbled together a brewery from equipment that was quite possibly older than the two of us put together. Nevertheless, it served us well and we started brewing beer to serve our local community and, since opening in 2018, we’ve been blown away by your unwavering support.

Because of you, we’ve been able to grow the team and improve our equipment, which in turn enables us to keep producing quality beers for you to enjoy whether you’re at home, at another bar or with us at the taproom.

The growth has been incredible - we’ve gone from brewing 800l of beer per week to now having the capability to produce 12,000l every week. This represents a whopping 1400% growth in only four years, two of which being through a global pandemic. We’ve brewed an incredible 213 different beers in that time across 366 batches, and developed a core range to be proud of.

Not only has our brewery experienced success, but our taproom has gone from strength to strength since we opened in 2018. We’re proud to have built a hub for the local community and to have played a part in the growing popularity of Stirchley as a fantastic hospitality destination. 

We're pleased to have played a part in the growing popularity of locally-brewed beer in Birmingham. We've done a lot in a short space of time, relying on a great team, brilliant beers and of course some amazing customers. We want to make sure that continues though, so we can be a sustainable business that continues to push the Birmingham beer scene forwards for years to come. That's where The Barrel Store comes in..

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The Vision

As part of our quest to bring forward thinking beer to all of Birmingham, we want to extend our offering within the city. In addition to our pale ales, lagers and IPAs brewed in Stirchley, we want to create a bar and barrel store in the Jewellery Quarter to bring you mixed fermentation and aged beers, as well as rich velvet-y barrel-aged stouts. 

We think we’ve found the perfect spot in the form of an old railway arch which, thanks to its thick walls, stays a cool temperature year-round. It’s ideally located in the heart of JQ, allowing us to create a standalone bar to showcase this fantastic barrel store. Alongside beers aged onsite, all the beers from the main brewery will be available and we’ll be installing a dedicated kitchen space so we can continue to work with incredible street food vendors.

The magic of aged beer is due in no small part to a vast array of wild yeasts that can produce funky and interesting flavours. Undertaking a project like this at our main brewery in Stirchley would increase the risk of cross-contamination potentially affecting existing beers like Intuition and Birmingham Pilsner. By moving the ageing process away from the brewery, we will be safeguarding the quality of our core beers. 

Not only will The Barrel Store allow us to bring some amazing beer styles to Birmingham, but it will also to create another authentic and unique brewery drinking experience closer to the centre of town. Our aim is to give greater access to those who haven’t yet been able to visit us in Stirchley and another venue that perfectly encapsulates the existing Attic Brew Co. vibe for those who already frequent our taproom. 

Not only that but, following three difficult years for hospitality, we've seen some the damage that unexpected events can cause for businesses in the sector. We've got through that so far with some good decision making, some timely loans and some very hard work, but the The Barrel Store gives us a chance to make Attic a more sustainable business that is well placed to weather future storms.


The Rewards

We need your help to achieve this vision so we've put together some fantastic rewards for all those able to help. These range from money saving bar tabs offering an incredible 120-150% return to a personalised brew day experience. 

We also have exclusive releases of merchandise limited only to crowdfund supporters.