Taproom & Beers

Our focus is on serving a wide variety of beer styles, straight to the customer. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a lover of hoppy pales, fruit beers, lagers or yeast forward styles like saisons and wheat beers. Our taproom has been designed as a community meeting place and many of our beers are brewed to session strength to promote social drinking. 

Beer isn’t your thing? No problem, everyone’s welcome here. We’ve got a selection of wines, spirits and ciders to choose from. We’re also dog friendly and under 18s are welcome until 6 o’clock. 

Our up to date, vegan friendly tap-list is below.

Genius– Dry Stout – 4.2%
Chocolatey, roasty and dry. Poured on nitro for a fuller body, without sacrificing super easy drinkability.

Nobody’s Poet – Sabro Session IPA – 4.6%
Single hop Sabro session IPA, with Voss Kveik yeast gives this pineapple and coconut flavours – Piña colada vibes.

Ocean Drive – Session IPA – 4.3%
Dank and tropical with notes of gooseberry and cut grass. Mouthfeel on the crisp side.

Wallonie – Saison – 5%
Dry and a little peppery, with gentle watermelon flavour and a herbal note to balance it all out.

The Illustrious Mr Smith – Imperial Stout – 9.5%
Rich dark fruits and treacle dominate, with massive coffee on the nose and the finish. 

Escape – Kveik IPA- 5.6%
Dank and tropical aroma gives way to a massive fresh pineapple flavour, followed up with a hit of orange juice to finish. Soft, decadent mouthfeel but with a cutting bitterness. Brewed with the Voss strain of Norwegian Kveik yeast to enhance the huge pineapple flavours.

Bostin’ Bass – Nitro Bitter- 4.1%
Smooth, creamy and drinkable. Malty character and and little citrus burst. Above all, just a great pint.

Lupinus – IPA – 6%
Velvety IPA with pineapple, passion fruit and white grape flavours. Brewed in collaboration with The Wolf, Birmingham.

Common Parlance – Vienna Lager – 4.2%
Crisp and nutty with a honey sweetness.

Crunch – Honeycomb Mild – 3.9%
The result of our collaboration with Stirchley’s very own Sweetmeat. Sweetmeat’s honeycomb lends a lasting burnt toffee flavour and a hint of sweetness to a nutty, roasty Midlands favourite.

Sonora – Dry Hopped Sour – 3.8%
Sour watermelon and pineapple flavours, undercut by a gentle sourness. Balanced and sessionable.

Fob Off – Wheat Beer – 5%
Classic hefeweizen with powerful banana esters and hint of brandy.

BA 2019 Raspberry – Barrel Aged Raspberry Saison – 6.3%
Batch one of our barrel-ageing program, released to celebrate our first year anniversary, BA 2019 Raspberry represents a long-held goal of ours to produce aged beer. We added fresh raspberries to a red wine cask and filled it with raspberry saison. A wild Brettanomyces culture enhances the already dry finish of the saison. Raspberry and Brett on the nose with a gentle funk, oak tannins, spicy red wine and a dry raspberry finish.

BA 2019 Virgin Oak Smoked Ale – Barrel Aged Smoked Ale – 8.8%
Smoked Strong Ale was the first beer we ever brewed as Attic Brew Co. Half a year later, we brewed it again to begin our barrel-ageing project.

Aged for nine months in a virgin oak cask, BA 2019 Virgin Oak Smoked Ale has taken on a sweet sherry character with oaky tannins and a gentle smoke.

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